The MoneroV Hard Fork: What to Expect

MoneroV is probably arriving later, but the snapshot may happen around May 3.

The long-awaited Monero hard fork, MoneroV, may come later than the previously announced date. The block time of the snapshot will come on May 3, despite the expectations for a fork at the end of April. One of the reasons may be the slower block discovery on the Monero network, due to the dramatically lower hashing power after the removal of ASIC mining.

The MoneroV hard fork, however, together with coexisting networks like Monero Classic, will mop up the spare hashing power from the Antminer X3 machines.

The MoneroV team recently announced on Telegram that:

“The snapshot would take place on block height #1564965, which as of now expected to take place at ~May 3rd. 

This will be followed by a time period of launching mainnet and integration of pools and exchanges.Please keep track of the block height and pay attention to updates here and on our social channels.”

The MoneroV hard fork will now have to discover a position with exchanges and users.

The market price of Monero has remained stable, at $242.41, and the fork expectations are not causing any additional hype. XMR remains habitually high in terms of BTC prices, with short-term fluctuations.

The Monero network hashrate has picked up slightly, but has no way of recovering to previous levels.

What is curious is that several Monero hard forks happened unexpectedly. When Monero changed its mining protocol to make it unsuitable for the newly designed ASIC, some miners continued with the old rules, in effect creating separate digital assets.

Monero Original (XMO) trades around $12.83, having spiked 128% in the past week, seeking a direction after initially trading at around $6. The asset only trades on HitBTC.

Monero Classic (XMC) trades at around $13.27, up 75% in the past week.

So far, the new forks are hardly popular, but at least miners will have a coin to receive as a reward for investing in X3 miners.

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