Aviation Safety Startup Aeron Announces Blockchain ARN Token as Payment Method on Aerotrips.com Flights Marketplace

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The new blockchain-based standard for aviation safety, Aeron, has proudly announce that the flights marketplace website Aerotrips.com has formally accepted Aeron’s native ARN token as a payment method.

The aviation industry is waiting for a tech disruption

Aviation continues to be an increasingly popular means of transportation, whether for passenger or freight. Last year, the industry reached a market capitalization of $250 trillion, thanks to 4 billion passengers taking 104,000 flights in a year. Boeing, in its 2017 market outlook, estimates that the passenger and freighter fleet numbers will double in only 20 years in 2037.

Statistically speaking, flying is also one of the safest ways to transport. Nevertheless, over 3,000 accidents related to air transport (both private and commercial) continue to be recorded, with

Taking these statistics into account, despite the aviation industry being considered as one of the safest types of transportation, the number of accidents related to air transport each year (including both commercial and general/private aviation) is over 3300, with around 700 accidents with fatalities recorded annually and over 1,000 annual fatalities.

As such, there is still a need to further bring down these levels of risk, to continue ensuring that air travel is as safe as possible.

Trusted Blockchain Data Repository

Aeron aims to be the trusted data repository on blockchain, helping aviation stakeholders to quickly identify, verify and validate any relevant data to improve aviation safety. Once deployed completely, the Aeron app’s main feature is that it flags discrepancies between data sources such as pilots, aircraft operators and air traffic control. Eventually, it will also be the point of reference to verify updates pilot licenses, flagging expiry and pending renewals.

It is the modern solution to address some of the persistent problems of the industry, across pilot training and flight school management, integrity of flight log reports and flight hour logs. Via blockchain innovation, data can now be modification proof, with the most sophisticated tools and technology together lowering the risk of accidents, while bringing transparency and traceability to data, via common user access to curated data on Aerotrips.com. Aerotrips itself hosts thousands of flight schools globally, featuring curated offers for chartered flights, rentals, educational courses, taxi and other services in the private domain.

Aeron counts among themselves a team of experienced aviation professionals, backed by developers, designers and marketing experts. It believes that blockchain has the potential to make flying safer for everyone.

Aeron’s story so far

Aeron’s progress has been a positive one, with achievements continually being made that bring confidence to its overall mission. Its recent successful launch of its pilot mobile app both on Google Play and Apple App Store was followed shortly by the blockchain integration of Aerotrip’s marketplace backend.

And now, its next milestone is expected to be realized by the end of June 2018, in the shape of ARN token payments at Aerotrips.com. ARN will facilitate all transactions for aviation services, from booking air safaris to paying for flight training.

Aeron CEO Artem Orange spoke with much excitement over the integration of ARN tokens as a means for payment on Aerotrips, believing that this was a move towards its eventual goal of passenger safety. He revealed the developers were next aiming to complete work on the decentralized storage portal:

To learn more about Aeron, visit the website and read the whitepaper. To catch up with the latest developments, follow Aeron on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

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