Interview: Chris DeRose on BTC maximalism, Monero, and journalism

For somebody who recommends himself as a computer programmer, Chris DeRose definitely has a lot to offer in terms of understanding of social phenomena. And for somebody who once got called a “pseudo-intellectual cu uses MS Paint”, he is definitely very articulate and shamelessly iconoclastic.

Chris DeRose is one of those people whose broad culture and wide array of interests make him hard to define. Yet in spite of the criticism that can be addressed to his “pseudo-Socratic” approach, he provides valid arguments that should at least be debated in an eloquent way.

Throughout this 79-minute interview, Mr. DeRose has been no different from the blasphemous devil we’ve listened to (and learned to love) during the prime days of the Bitcoin Uncensored show. He felt compelled to take on Bitcoin maximalists and deconstruct their beliefs in both Vitalik Buterin’s terms and his own experiences with the series of events that took place within the community, he took shots at Saifadean Ammous (of whom he thinks is overconfident and misguided), and he even highlighted some design flaws of Satoshi’s invention.

Chris DeRose, now a bitcoiner who seems to have become very fond of the Monero project (which makes him a self-labelled “subhuman”), has also expressed his view on the nature of cryptocurrency journalism. While sympathizing with the common struggle to find proper financing that doesn’t compromise the objectivity and integrity of the content, Mr. DeRose also voiced his opinion on finding a middle ground between chasing clicks and delivering qualitative articles.

Watch the interview and witness how one of the sharpest and most incisive minds in the field can be blasphemous and brutally honest in relation to any topic, thus putting forward a much-needed criticism for all the hollow identity politics going on in Bitcoin. And if this last phrase sounds too pretentious, then wait until you listen to the broad vocabulary of an avid post-modernist philosophy reader who likes to play Socrates.

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