Monero Price Changed by 0.33 percent

As at 2019-02-11 average Monero price is 48.02576557 USD, 0.01317141 BTC, 0.39583346 ETH.

Monero XMR/PLN on BitBay exchange is 49.00. The trading volume on BitBay is 770.41.

At the same time Monero XMR/USD on Bitfinex exchange is 48.59. The trading volume on Bitfinex is 1018737.17.

Monero XMR/KRW on Bithumb exchange is 46.44. The trading volume on Bithumb is 40287492.90.

Monero XMR/BTC on Bittrex exchange is 48.12. The trading volume on Bittrex is 202154.64.

Monero XMR/BTC on HitBTC exchange is 47.99. The trading volume on HitBTC is 1188152.40.

In this regard, 24 hour trading volume is 55039916.92824100 USD or 15095.09122080 BTC. At the same time Monero market capitalization is 806165399 USD or $221096 BTC.

It’s noteworthy that is issued into circulation Monero.

Monero average change within 24 hour is 0.33 against USD, 0.44 against BTC, -2.16 against ETH. Weekly report: 12.37 against USD, 6.55 against BTC, -0.05 against ETH. Monthly report: 6.15 against USD, 6.15 against BTC, 10.37 against ETH.

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