Crypto Exchange, Jubiter to launch debit cards for European market

Jubiter brings new cryptocurrency debit cards

Jubiter, an Estonian based cryptocurrency exchange has just launched its new Jubiter prepaid Visa Card. This prepaid Visa card will initially allow for the users of Jubiter to be able to load their cards with any cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Litecoin among others.

After the card is loaded, the funds will be automatically converted into Euros and will be able to be used anywhere in the world where Visa card is accepted.

With the introduction of this new card by Jubiter, the power of bitcoin seems to be riding on the shoulders of these payment giants. This is also bringing the payment industry into a better and futuristic direction in finance.

These debit cards promise to make it easier for Jubiter users to be able to utilize their Bitcoins and Litecoins directly in real-time payment processing while the Jubiter team is hoping that this service will help provide the accessibility that is so needed in the growing cryptocurrency industry.

According to the Juibiter Team:

“As part of our mission bring cryptocurrency to the masses our new bitcoin Visa is the next step to building bridges and accessibility to cryptocurrency to users around the world. Our new prepaid Visa Card helps bring Bitcoin from its roots as a novelty investment to our daily lives.”

The Bitcoin unstoppable payment solution

According to reports coming from the company, the coming weeks will see Jubiter users be able to apply for a Jubiter debit Visa Cards and all users with a verified Jubiter account will be given preference to these new services when the cards are released.

Individuals who already have a Jubiter account and are currently living in the EU will be getting a Jubiter Card sooner.

Unverified users can visit their accounts and confirm their ID after uploading a recent utility bill.

After the launch of these cards, the public will be able to instantaneously order their cards. There will also be an introductory program available to users in the EU countries, with later plans to expand its offerings in many more countries around the world.

Jubiter is focused on building a system that will provide an accessible platform for new users in the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem and announced they will also be providing user-friendly cryptocurrency wallets immune from attacks.

The wallet is buil to provide strong security, offline storage and two-factor authentication.

What are your thoughts on the deployment of these new Visa Cards coupled with Cryptocurrencies? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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