Merito Crypto Launches New Ethereum (ETH) Mining Software Client to Earn from PC GPUs

Merito Crypto client, which was officially launched on Monday, heralds a new era where gamers can earn ETH by putting their PC’s powerful graphics processing cards in good use.

Founded at the start of 2017’s 1st quarter by one Evan Neal, Merito is essentially a fully automated software program and application that is designed to turn any GPU (especially the gaming variety) into a full-time cryptocurrency miner and earner. In return, the tokens can be exchanged for cash.

No Trading is Required

The inception and arrival of Crypto Merito Software mean that users and adopters of the platform now can earn and mine Ethereum tokens. Merito, by itself, offers an elegant, profitable and easy way for computer enthusiasts, gamers, and cafe’ operators to earn cash passively just by tapping into the idle time of the processing hardware that they already own.

To make it clear, the Merito Platform will rent the hardware processing and computing power whenever it is inactive and deploy it in creating an easy, risk-free and quick way of monetizing the user’s idle time.

To put it into perspective, the previous Merito ‘renter’ had a user base of approximately 9,000 gamer who collectively amassed over $40,000 in PayPal dollars. This previous client often paid out via rewards and gift cards thereby incentivizing other users to make use of the platform as much as possible.

And now that the new system allows gamers to earn Ethereum, there is no doubt that the cryptocurrency space is bound to get even more interesting.

While this new client comes with an array of improvement on the existing/previous operating software, Evan Neal believes that by concentrating on Ethereum payouts rather than cash rewards, the transactional fees are anticipated to be significantly lower on this new application

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