Monero [XMR] Shines due to Recent Developments in the Market

Monero, the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the market, has gone through recent development announcements to improve the network.
The currency has always lit its first spark due to an error discovered by its developer’s wallet. The mistake could allow the attackers to spend money on an organization that belongs to the Monero ecosystem.
This could also have been done by the attackers without an additional payment in addition to the transaction fees. However, the attacker would have indirectly benefited from the attack and would not have obtained any benefit. Prior to this incident, the wallet had been disconnected by several exchanges, including Bittrex and Poloniex.

Monero has become the best on the market with the announcement of its rigid fork, Beryllium Bullet. This had annoyed the entire community due to accusations that this difficult deviation would increase anonymity and reduce transaction costs. In addition, Monero had released a new version of its wallet, v0.13.xx.xx, during the same period, and users had to upgrade to the new version.

He followed the difficult range on October 18, 2018. The hard fork kept his promises and reduced transaction costs to 2 cents. The hard fork system has also implemented Bulletproof technology, which allows confidential transactions in the Monero network. The hard fork occurred in block 1685555 and version 9 with Bulletproof was executed in block 1686275.

In addition, Monero was also supported by Charlie Lee, creator of the seventh largest Cryptocurrency Litecoin [LTC]. Charlie Lee said he was interested in the cryptocurrency if it included attributes such as confidentiality and fungibility. The creator also said that these attributes were missing and needed in Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC].

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